As a result of our long-standing experience in the detective business and our
competent private investigators we belong to the leading detective agencies in Europe today.
Thanks to our professionalism and confidentiality and our excellent relationship to leading
international agencies throughout the world we are the prime choice for international clients.
We have the capacities and the know-how to conduct any kind of investigations and observations.
The quality services offered are guaranteed by the years of experience we have in investigations.

We are supported by specialists and experts in all domains, from criminology to IT security and analysis. Complex and comprehensive investigations, both on a national and international level are our speciality. Challenge us! Every private investigator of Detective Agency BAKINER uses high-tech equipment that guarantees results in the most complicated and challenging cases.

Thanks to the quality of our investigations we have gained the respect and trust of a number of leading companies in all fields of business. As you can gather from our references we are engaged by a host of well-known companies in all domains such as industry, commerce, banking, media and law firms, both nationally and internationally.

Our private detectives are working regularly for businesses and attorneys. Every private investigator of Detective Agency BAKINER is specially trained to perform surveillance jobs on individuals and objects. Depending on the needs of our clients we also go undercover to gather as much information as possible on an individual. The investigation techniques used by our private investigators differ from case to case. For complex cases we assemble a team which exists of several private investigators who are experts in their respective fields. Detective work is an important service for the business community. In our daily work we always strive to provide the best solution for our clients. Feel free to contact us by filling in the contact form. Rest assured that we provide the same professional and comprehensive investigation services at all our locations worldwide.


As a global player in the detective business we are at your services together with our partner agencies in almost every capital city all over the globe. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our highly professional investigators at your place of choice.

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